Good Morning!



There’s an old expression that the best camera is the one you have with you, and honestly, that feels a bit lame. After all, I carry around a slightly battered Nexus 4 most of the time – a phone that has been panned for its lack of a decent camera.

Well. I’m full of it. One sunrise, taken with my cellphone.

Life is all about grabbing moments like this. I sometimes think that our pocket cameras rob us of the moment though. I don’t need to see the sunrise on my little glass screen when I can sit and watch it, almost FEEL the photons whamming in to in real time. I clicked my one shot, and then just absorbed the morning. Aah, morning.

I’ve seen too many sunrises of late. No matter how hard I work, things always seem to be just a tiny bit out of my grasp. More focus is required; I’m working on it!