Roddick, Wilander, Gambill, Ivanisevic…

Valentines Day found us in Boca, watching Mats Wilander vs. Andy Roddick, and Gambill vs. Ivanisevic. Roddick beat Wilander, and Gambill made a comeback in the second set to take down Ivanisevic. What was really nice was we were actually seated on the court. Not cheap, but so worth the money. The Delray Open still has first class tickets available for the finals; hard to believe. Someone should go online and snag them.

Overall, I learned a bunch from sitting so close to top-of-the-line players. First, they are so very smooth. Second, Wilander especially used his brain when he played. Obviously, he’s not as young as Roddick, so he adapted to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

Pictures to follow… but what a night. Best moments? Well, the Chicken Tenders were very good, but overall I’d say:

  1. Wilander serving a yellow stress ball at Roddick, and being given the point.
  2. Ivanisevic putting his bat down, and walking up to Nancy in the middle of service for her to take a picture 🙂 (“Do you want it… huh huh huh…”)
  3. Wilander betting Roddick $100 he wouldn’t get his bat on a ball, and after the bet is made, hitting said ball out of the stadium!
  4. Roddick’s just funny; “Is that a two-person snuggie?”, “I dare you to tell the folks on the East Coast 55 is cold!”
  5. Roddick’s tweener, mid-flight… yeah!
  6. Ivanisevic got in to the demo Porsche during service for a break…
  7. Wilander gave his bat to one of the little ball girls, who hit at Roddick until she won a point, which they actually gave to Wilander

All in all, it was a lovely night, made all the better by the company (I particularly liked the fact that Nance didn’t pounce on me for eating fries and chicken tenders… oh yeah, baby… nom nom nom).