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A Day Spent

CilicIt’s funny to see how people like to pass their time. For me, as I think I wrote in a previous post, I tend to fall into the hole of being “over-programmed” where I’m moving from thing to thing to thing for days without end until my body finally gives up and forces me to slow down. Nance has a streak of the same stuff in her, and I’ve heard “I can play tennis three times a day, no problem, no I won’t be sore” from her more times than I can count. And no, I can’t count very high, but I’m working on it.

This weekend, however, things went very well, and I think we managed to spend our time rather than pass it, and I think that’s a really important distinction.

Despite having tickets to the finals of the Delay Open (and they were good seats, as you can see from the picture!), the best parts of the day were spent sitting in a booth on Atlantic Ave. (a street which has been gentrified beyond my wildest dreams in the ten-plus years I have been away) watching people and eating garlic bread. Nance and I sat on the same side of our booth, facing the world, and just enjoyed being. Wonderful! We need to do more of this.

And the tennis? Flipping awesome. Cilic is a scrapper, and so is Anderson, so together they put on a show of three very tight sets. Both players were a bit streaky, but what won the game for Cilic was his “one more ball client tennis” as we called it. Despite being able to serve in the 125+ range whenever he wants, he turned everything down and played safe, waiting for Anderson to blow it. That’s smart tennis, because Anderson loves pace; what he got were fairly junk and easy balls. Cilic turned himself into a returner because it was killing his opponent. Brad Gilbert would be proud!

I can’t go on, I’ll go on

Today finds me exhausted. My new schedule has me at my desk by 700a, and running about like a mad thing. The day will be long, alas, and I’ll get home after 800p. Ugh.

It’s at times like this it’s good to think a little about how we spend our time. Me, I’m overly programmed. I fly, I am trying to learn to play tennis, I play the flute, I run a department, I research. And I love. Frankly, the last one is the important one, yet in the helter-skelter twists and turns of day-to-day, it can be the thing that ends up lowest on the list. We’ll make time… later. Not good.

So today, as I drag myself out of bed and head down A1A, I catch the sun just beginning to rise. Life is good, despite being overcommitted. And I realize that this is all temporary. I can be busy like this all my life if I choose, but that’s not a life lived. So, I’ll tilt my windmills today, and then get home tonight, and reprioritize. Our workload is unending; it’s finding the right balance between good honest hard work and life that matters.

In the words of Beckett, “I can’t go on, I’ll go on”, because I know that going on is completely and utterly worth it. It’s all about today, and enjoying the ride, picking out what’s wheat and discarding what’s chaff. Onward!

Roddick, Wilander, Gambill, Ivanisevic…

Valentines Day found us in Boca, watching Mats Wilander vs. Andy Roddick, and Gambill vs. Ivanisevic. Roddick beat Wilander, and Gambill made a comeback in the second set to take down Ivanisevic. What was really nice was we were actually seated on the court. Not cheap, but so worth the money. The Delray Open still has first class tickets available for the finals; hard to believe. Someone should go online and snag them.

Overall, I learned a bunch from sitting so close to top-of-the-line players. First, they are so very smooth. Second, Wilander especially used his brain when he played. Obviously, he’s not as young as Roddick, so he adapted to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

Pictures to follow… but what a night. Best moments? Well, the Chicken Tenders were very good, but overall I’d say:

  1. Wilander serving a yellow stress ball at Roddick, and being given the point.
  2. Ivanisevic putting his bat down, and walking up to Nancy in the middle of service for her to take a picture 🙂 (“Do you want it… huh huh huh…”)
  3. Wilander betting Roddick $100 he wouldn’t get his bat on a ball, and after the bet is made, hitting said ball out of the stadium!
  4. Roddick’s just funny; “Is that a two-person snuggie?”, “I dare you to tell the folks on the East Coast 55 is cold!”
  5. Roddick’s tweener, mid-flight… yeah!
  6. Ivanisevic got in to the demo Porsche during service for a break…
  7. Wilander gave his bat to one of the little ball girls, who hit at Roddick until she won a point, which they actually gave to Wilander

All in all, it was a lovely night, made all the better by the company (I particularly liked the fact that Nance didn’t pounce on me for eating fries and chicken tenders… oh yeah, baby… nom nom nom).

What, Where, When…

test_imageSo yeah… the vibe we’re looking for is a nice evening with friends, that just happens to have a wedding half way through it. There’ll be wine, cocktails, lots of finger food, and a whole lot of fun.

To add to the vibe, I guess we should deal with what to wear. Let’s make it easy: think relaxed quasi-formal. That clears it up, eh?



Save The Date

Hello everyone – this is just a quick spot to find some information out about our upcoming wedding. For now… please save the date: July 19th, 2014, for an early evening Wedding in Merritt Island, FL. We look forward to seeing you there!